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We have worked on every detail so that you can enjoy your stay at the Hotel Santo Domingo with the greatest security.

Santo Domingo Hotel has been working in a complete protocol that has been devised following the recommendations provided by various official sources (WHO, ICTE Institute the Quality of Spanish Tourism, Health Ministry…) in coordination with those in charge of each hotel department, together with the Risk Management Committee representative.

Facilities and common areas

Intensification of frecuency of cleaning and desinfection (using  recomended disinfecting products). Ozono treatment via climatization systems. Only one person will be allowed in each toilet facilicy at any one time, except for whose who require assistance. This areas will be cleaned six times a day. Automatic dispensers of hidroalcoholic gel and desinfecting rugs are located at different points throughout the ...

Hall 1vista desde puerta Hotel Santo Domingo Madrid

Corporal temperature will be taken at the entrace controls with contactless infrared thermometers. Action protocol in reception with individual protection,  social distancing and capacity in order to offer a fully safe service. Encouraging payment by credit card, preferably contactless. The POS shall be disinfected ater each use. 24 hour medical asistance in room, with an additional cost.


As a general rule, maximum elevator capacity will be 1 person. However, families and travel groups will be allowed to share elevators. In this case the use of masks is strongly recommended.

Habitacion doble superior panoramica 518 edificio siglo XX

Reinforced room cleaning and disinfection protocols have been implemented for when guests check-out Daily treatment with ultraviolet sterilizer lamps (UV-C+O3 Lamp) and cleansing with standardized disinfectants for bathrooms. Individual plastic containers have been substituted with gel and soap disposers that require minimum handling.  The hotel guarantees that bed clothing has been duly thermo-disinfected Withdrawal of dispensable decorative elements, papel ...


The use of gloves and masks will be compulsory for all the staff in the facilities. Controlled access to Hotel grounds. Reduced capacity and timetables. The swimming pool water will be chlorinated in line with legal proportions. Water quality parameters will be checked three times a day and a laboratory will carry out antibacterial controls once a week.  Loungers and ...

Salón Mirador Eventos Mesa café

At the entrance to the catering areas a table or holder will be installed with an automatic dispenser of hydroalcoholic gel for exclusive use by guests. Hotel staff will control access to the hotel areas at all times so as to ensure correct social distancing between both guests and tables. Tablecloths will not be used in order to make cleaning ...


At the entrance to the event spaces areas a table or holder will be installed with an automatic dispenser of hydroalcoholic gel for exclusive use by guests. The maximum capacity of event areas will be determined according to the guidelines provided by the Health Ministry. Each table will be separated by a 2-metre safety distance. Tables and chairs are disinfected ...

Información Completa Protocolo Seguridad HSD

Presentation Security measures

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