Terms and Conditions New Year's Eve Menu Hotel Santo Domingo

* In order to confirm your reservation you will have to send an email to eventos@hotelsantodomingo.net indicating: your name telephone number number of guests and the text:  New Year's Eve Menu Hotel Santo Domingo 2022. * The dinner will start from 21:00 hours.

Terms and Conditions Christmas Eve Menu Hotel Santo Domingo

* For the confirmation of each reservation you must send us an e-mail eventos@hotelsantodomingo.net indicating: your name telephone number of people and the text "Christmas Eve Menu Hotel Santo Domingo 2022. * The dinner will start from 20:00 hours.

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Cancellation and payment policy

NON-REFUNDABLE Cancelation policy: The hotel, upon receiving the reservation, will charge the total amount of the stay on the credit card. A refund will not be allowed in the event of cancelling, leaving before the scheduled check-out date or failing to show up (the reservation will only be kept for the first night). If the charge were rejected, the hotel would cancel the reservation. Method of payment: 100% pre-paid. Credit card   ...

Terms and Conditions Santo Domingo Club

1.- INTRODUCTION The following terms and conditions offer a detailed description of how the "Santo Domingo Club" loyalty Programme (hereinafter referred to as SD Club) works. SD Club members will have access at all times to the updated in force General Conditions on the website https://hotelsantodomingo.es/en/legal/terms-and-conditions-santo-domingo-club Registering and accessing the "Santo Domingo Club" loyalty programme implies having read and agreed with the conditions here detailed. ...

Travel Save Fee Legal Conditions

If something happens to me during my trip, what should I do to get assistance? At the same time of the incident, 24/7, call the helpline +34 93 300 10 50 . They will indicate to you the procedure step by step in order to solve your problem. Before the trip, what are the cancellation reasons? The cancellation fees will be reimbursed to the client as long as it complies with any of the 25 causes that are ...

Swimming Pool Rules and Regulations-General Rules

From Monday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. The schedule can be altered according to hotel needs 

Cookies Policy Hotel Santo Domingo

1. What are cookies?   Hotel Santo Domingo’s web (hereafter the Web) uses Cookies. Cookies are files sent to a browser through a web server in order to register the user’s activities in that web. Cookies main purpose is to allow the user a faster access to the selected services. Also, Cookies personalize the Web’sservices, facilitating and offering users interesting or potentially interesting information based on the use they ...

Privacy Policy Santo Domingo Hotel

In accordance with the principles of legality, loyalty and transparency, Hotel Santo Domingo makes this Confidentiality Policy available. ¿Who is responsable for the processing of your data?? SERVICIOS Y DESARROLLOS TURÍSTICOS S.A. COMPANY NAME: HOTEL SANTO DOMINGO VAT NUMBER: A78471455 HEAD OFFICE: Plaza de Santo Domingo 13, 28013, MADRID Email: datospersonales@hotelsantodomingo.es Phone: 915487180   If you have contracted our services, you are accepting that we transfer your personal data to ...